Maithuna: Sacred Love Making   

Surrender into reverence and magic of the creative sexual energy within yourself and your relationship as you enter into sacred practices for preparation and honoring while delighting in sexuality as a tantric dance and active meditation.

 Rise in love through divine union and be in the bliss of the sacred as you, your partner and other couples join in a sacred making love ritual that has been practiced in so many ways since ancient times. In Tantric terms it is called Maithuna. Please be aware this is not a sensual party.

Be as Shakti and Shiva, Radha and Krishna and play in the timelessness of the subtle energy fields of your bodies with your lover/partner.

A Maithuna is an “active meditation” in sexual/spirituality that can be used for transcendence. It is guided at times and does include intercourse as a spiritual practice. Couples stay with themselves throughout this event and are at choice with how much they wish to participate. All participants will have been interviewed to ensure integrity, respect and discretion.