Ceremony Testimonials

"Dan offers safe, clear, loving guidance for his Sacred Tantra Lovemaking Ritual. He creates a sacred, deeply connecting space and leads the participants on a delightful journey, acknowledging and blending the feminine and masculine in each of us. This ritual is fun, erotic, meaningful, spiritual and hot. Participants are always at choice for how fully to participate. While people are encouraged to follow Dan’s direct guidance, they are nonetheless invited to adapt each step to their own needs and desires in that moment. It’s a beautiful way to spend a day with a loved one."
R.D. Martinez, Ca.

"I have had the pleasure of attending two Tantric ceremonies that Dan presented; one on sacred erotic massage and the other on sacred love making. My partner and I knew were taken care of to go deeper in these moving spiritual/tantric rituals. These ceremonies were well-led, juicy and ultimately helped to grow and enrich our already strong sexual/intimate connection."
K.W. Rohnert Park, Ca.

"I have had the joy of being in two Making Love Sacred ceremonies, also called a Maithuna and a massage from Dan. He is an experienced and very intuitive teacher that knows how to guide people safely and lovingly during such a sacred ceremony.  With his grounded presence and his calm and soothing voice I felt comfortable and trusting that he is coming from a sincere and sacred place, so I could relax and let go into myself and my partner.  I highly recommend taking this ceremony!"
— J.S.  Soquel, Ca.

"I met Dan at my first Puja (Tantra celebration) and felt drawn to his gentle aura. When I couldn't hold back the tears, Dan gently held my body, while holding a sacred space for me to release deep-rooted emotions. After the Puja, I felt more receptive to facing and embracing my past sexual traumas and I contacted Dan for his expert guidance. Dan was absolutely DIALED: he was respectful, soft-spoken, direct, patient, wise and heartfelt during our session. Dan is a soul-based being, and he is very generous with his time, presence and energy. Afterward, I felt significant release within my lower chakras that left me with a wonderful sense of peace and well-being. I look forward to working with Dan as I continue on my healing journey. I've highly recommended him to my friends and family."

K. R. Novato, Ca.