Dan’s Bio

danBioWith a deeply grounded and gentile loving presence Dan Argraves creates a sanctuary for people to be safe in their transparency, delight in their life/personal growth and to celebrate themselves and each other. Dan is passionate about guiding people for intimate connecting in everyday lives and relationships.

Dan graduated Margot Anand’s Skydancing Tantra teacher/facilitators training In July of 2009 and began his practice of guiding people in relationship and sexuality as a spiritual practice while including additional trainings and in depth intuitive sense into his healing practice. In 2010 he was certified in various therapeutic massage modalities and works privately. 

Through private practice and facilitating workshops and ceremonies, Dan guides people to experience themselves, their relationship, lovemaking and everyday lives as sacred while integrating tantric and somatic energy practices in his work. Dan helps people to release physical, sexual and emotional trauma through guided meditations, core/self love practices, and/or healing touch and to embrace the self love of forgiveness and living authentically.