Therapeutic Massage

I have been providing  therapeutic massage for nine years. I have studied massage with the Calistoga School of Massage Therapy and certified in Swedish and Deep tissue modalities of massage. Each therapeutic massage includes Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology and energetic release methods.

I provide a massage as an experience and more than just a basic massage. With empathic, compassionate, gentle yet firm touch I smooth out and release the aches and pains whether created by physical or energetic events helping one to reconnect with their body and to restore a sense of greater self.

To schedule a massage please go to my Contact Page, fill out the information required or call the phone number provided. I work on an in-call and out-call basis.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a very sacred practice for acquiring greater awareness of one's self. It is an "active meditation" practice that one can use to gain self empowerment, elevate body pleasure, develop empathy and compassion, increase one's life force (PRANA) and develop awareness of the sacredness of one's self and body.

With breath work, conscious touch and guided meditation one can open their heart further to releasing self-judgments and any body or sexuality issues. One can consciously explore and re-define their relationship to their body and learn to restore any loss of sovereignty and sensual awareness of divine self. Their birth right!

Through consultation and heart opening practices the client and I can consciously enter into sacred space which provides grace, trust, honoring and respect for each other while allowing for the creative process to unfold. Nothing is done until this union has been created. Intuitive presence, acceptance, compassion and respect for the sovereignty of the client and her/his body is assured throughout and beyond the session.

Throughout this sacred and intimate massage, touch is by permission only and the receiver is always at choice.

To schedule a tantric massage please go to my Contact Page and fill out the form or call the phone number provided.