Private Session Testimonials

"My sessions with Dan have always been rewarding and filled with personal growth.  I trust him with sharing my inner most thoughts and feelings as he helps guide me to realize my own inner wisdom.  He knows from experience the pain and grief the body can hold.  He has a fine and intuitive sense to the body's needs, to find hidden trauma and it's root cause and to release it. Through his massage I have gained empowerment, acceptance and appreciation of my body.  I whole heartedly recommend Dan as a tantric counselor and massage therapist"
—J.G. Santa Rosa, Ca.

" I heartily recommend Dan Argraves' healing services and as a woman, i found him to be trusting and easy to be open with. Dan has a generous and valiant heart, strong yet sensitive intuitive hands and was energetically present throughout my session. Dan is an honorable man of integrity."
—M.S. Windsor, Ca.

"Many, many blessings to you and your powerful sensitive gifts exemplified by your presence, perception, wisdom, sensitivity, devotion to humble service and teaching. I truly benefited from my session with you on many levels and dimensions."
—E.G. Mill Valley Ca.

" I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dan as I was moving through a particularly challenging time in my life. I was experiencing a lot of intense growth opportunities and my body's reaction to the situations. From the first moment Dan arrived I felt my body begin to relax and my hypersensitive and over worked mind settle down. After we spoke at length, we moved into hands on work and the space within me deepened and expanded. The container of safety and presence that Dan provided allowed my body to unwind to let my emotions and energies to move naturally and strongly. As our session progressed, I was able to rest more into the present moment where in my heart I knew I was seen, respected, held and massaged with reverence. It was such a gift to me.

As our session ended, the connection that had opened between us felt complete. In the days that followed, the connections within me that had been allowed to rise within the session continued to grow and deepen. I now experience a greater clarity and more grounded sense of myself as I move forward. I can highly recommend Dan for his skill as a body worker and counselor along with his beautiful capacity to hold space for the feminine, in all her tenderness and her wild untamed expressions! Thank you Dan"
K.M. Cotati, Ca.

"Thank you for all that you are and all that you give of yourself. Your loving heart is a blessing and a joy to all that know you."
—C. & J. M. San Jose, Ca.

"Dan Argraves is a wonderful source of guiding, intuitive support, open and intent on serving. His personal understanding of deep struggle and transformation add to his ability to teach Tantra."
H.R. MA, MFT, Talent OR

"Many, many blessings to you and your powerful and sensitive gifts exemplified by your presence, perception, wisdom, sensitivity, devotion to humble service and teaching. We truly benefited from our session with you on so many levels and dimensions."
—E.& R. G. Santa Cruz, Ca

"Dan is warm, generous, kind, compassionate, open hearted and grounded with an intuitive presence that allows me to feel safe and secure in sharing and working on my sensitive issues. Dan possesses a nice mix of love and strength that anyone can be comfortable with."
—P.C. CMT, Psychiatric Technician, Petaluma CA