Workshop Testimonials

Testimonials when having co-facilitated with another.

"I attended an introduction to Tantric meditation led by Dan Argraves which was a thoroughly enriching and educational experience. Initially drawn by Dan's presence I was impressed by his passion for the subject, his knowledge and the way he held the space.

He created a safe environment in which to delve into Tantra in a very safe and responsible manner. The result for me was a deeper awareness of Tantra, of my own body and of how to navigate those energies and raise my personal vibration."
—M. B., Graton CA

"I have been fearfully curious about Tantra for a very long time so I remained a Tantra virgin. It was my pleasure to participate in a beginner’s Skydancing Tantra workshop from Dan Argraves one Saturday. Not only did I feel completely safe at all times, but I had some astonishing revelations which had began a healing that I didn’t even know I needed. Thank you Dan for the gifts you bring to the world. I wish you all the joys for being the healer that you are."                                        —T.B. Santa Rosa, CA

"Dan Argraves and Gilly Adkins teaching of present day Tantric wisdom is reinforced and supported by personal examples from their lives. Without dogma, they present their material as modern Tantric practitioners offering dignity, compassion, sensitivity, heart energy and vulnerability. It is part of their everyday lives.  In each workshop I participated in, they were able to engage all the participants simultaneously while being able to respond to an individual's needs at the same time.

I have watched many Tantra DVD's, many of which are well produced informative bodies of work with compelling rational. Upon reviewing some of these DVD's content and after experiencing Dan and Gilly's work, much of it seems outdated, not so relevant and sometimes counter productive in light of the deep heart centered practices that Dan and Gilly espouse for the everyday world.

When the time is right, I would encourage my daughter to attend one of their workshops or private sessions with one or both."
—D.M. Martinez, Ca.

* "In their Sacred touch Tantric Massage workshop, Gilly and Dan offer to women and men a very safe space in which to explore our individual sexual energy as the holy, enlivening life force that it truly is. They teach ways to lovingly and respectfully bring forth that life force in each other. From the moment that we enter the sanctified space, they lead us in the ancient rites of relating in the honoring and utterly respectful ways that always Divinely intended.

As a woman, an especially healing aspect of Gilly and Dan's work is their constantly supporting us women in claiming what we enjoy or do not enjoy and expressing exactly how we want to be touched at any moment. They lovingly and attentively guided and empowered us every step of the way. In their sanctified space, I felt safer to be myself than I ever had before in all my 77 years!"
—M.W. Sebastopol, Ca.

* "I attended the Sacred Touch Tantric Massage workshop taught by Dan and Gilly Adkins. It was a safe enviroment and an amazing introduction and practice of sacred sexuality. I have been sexual for a long time and thought I knew a lot but even so I learned a lot about myself and about sexual connection with someone else. I highly recommend Dan and Gilly as workshop facilitators"
—A.L.; shamanic practitioner Prunedale, Ca.

"I participated in Dan and Gilly's Sacred Touch Tantric Massage workshop and was very impressed with it and with Dan and Gilly Adkins as teachers. They were very skilled in the subject matter of the course and with facilitating people. I was very impressed with how they were able to create a safe space for people to be vulnerable with asking questions, sharing experiences, and to practice sacred touch massage on their partners.

I have experienced a lot of sexual abuse in my past and I found this workshop to be very healing and empowering for me. The word Sacred in the title of the workshop was vey appropiate to describe the emphasis of the whole workshop and the nature of how they teach people to do the massage on their partners.

I think the techniques they teach are wonderful things to know and to share with a partner. The sharing of the participants was very valuble and inspiring to me. I really resonated with what was shared. Another thing that was inspiring to me was having a few older women in the workshop that were extremely orgasmic. I highly recommend this workshop to others."
—S.S. Petaluma, Ca.

* "Dan Argraves and Gilly Adkins are a beautiful and phenomenal duo. Individually they are powerful teachers with unique gifts, but when they join forces the synergy that results is pure magic.  As a  participant in their Sacred Touch Tantric Massage workshop, it was blessing to not only to learn from them but also to witness witness their love and connection. They are wonderful models for what a partnership can be. I enjoyed myself immensely, learned a lot and highly recommend them."
—K.W. San Francisco, Ca.