Opening the Heart to Love

A wonderful and power-filled one day self awareness workshop for anyone exploring Tantra in which we celebrate our lives through Tantric practices that realign our energetic field, awaken our chakras and open our hearts to develop greater depths of joy, inner peace and love of self. Through these practices we redefine how we perceive ourselves and how we experience this life by removing old perceptions that do not serve us anymore. There is no nudity in this workshop. We gain a stronger foundation and gain more love in our lives that we may never have thought possible. There is no nudity and sexuality.

Awakening the Inner Light

In this delightful one day workshop we learn to intergrate ourselves within and without of our energetic bodies and to develop a deeper sense of gratitude and blessings for our bodies and the gifts they give us. With Tantric breath practices and "active meditations" we explore and experience the five physical senses separately and at the same time. We energize and engage our auric field, the chakras and our "inner flute" to become further awaken the heart/light energy in ourselves and each other. There is no nudity and sexuality.

Sacred Touch - Touching Sacredly

Sacred Touch - Touching Sacredly is an act of meditation in Tantric erotic massage. Delight in your partner's and your own erotic map through communication and various whole body techniques of Tantric massage.   Enjoy how less touch can be more touch through energy, breath work, and intention. Rejoice and grow more passion in your relationship. Luxuriate as a God/Goddess through asking for what you want and deeply listening to your partner's request. Develop greater empathy and compassion through giving  and receiving without agenda and show yourself within the path of touching sacredly. Widen the perimeters of pleasure with emphasis on moving orgasm "off the agenda" but as a spiritual practice for awakening. This workshop will have full nudity and you are at choice.  It is open to couples and paired singles who have previously participated in Tantra or self awareness workshops where respect, honesty, living without shame about sexuality for a greater quality of life for ourselves and each other is emphasized.

Sacred Love Making

A sensual and intimate two day workshop where you uplift the relationship with yourself and your partner into a higher vibration using sensuality and sexuality as an "act of meditation". Intimate communication, Sacred Touch Tantric Massage, meditative sex practices, and greater awareness of the feminine and masculine body energetics in lovemaking are the themes of this workshop. This workshop will have full nudity and you are at choice. This workshop is for couples and dating partners who are ready to explore sexuality beyond the "usual agenda" and go within to a deeper self awareness through various sacred practices. Couples and partners stay together throughout and everyone is always at choice with how much they participate. This workshop is offered as a private session as well.

Men and Relationships

A four part series in which Men explore being in a romantic relationship as a spiritual partnership. By understanding the myths, archetypes, male ego and modern "Real Man" stereotypes that pervade in each of us even in the most subtle ways, one learns how that prevents living in an authentic and equal romantic/sexual partnership. When a man opens his heart to self introspection as a spiritual practice of self love and care, he opens his heart to his true masculine greater self. Through his releasing of un-needed thinking and actions about being a man, he receives his partner/lover as equal and helps create a more enriching, passionate and sexually fulfilling relationship.

Rising In Love

A fun and creative adventure into one's sexual nature. We bring to awareness the common mis-perceptions and pitfalls of past sexual "education" and history and get to redefine who you are as a sexual creative being. This workshop is open to all those wishing to explore, re-frame and/or reclaim their own sexuality and creative life force whether in a relationship or not.

This workshop is about what we all wished we had known or been taught when we began our sexual journey such as; the beauty and divine nature of sex, the power and wise use of sexual energy for transformation, respect for the equality of men and women and the understanding of the male and female energies within each person.

Private Counseling

I provide private sessions for individuals and couples who wish to learn Tantric practices, communication and relationship skills not in a workshop format. Please use the contact page or email to set an appointment or for further inquiries.